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Epics Reunion October 1, 2010

Phil Peters, former saxophonist, and wife Rhonda

Troy Rigdon, former bass guitar and singer with Tony Ratterman, pianist

Toni Renfro, singer with Ed Humphries, sax

Art Mengel, drummer, in original 1970's jumpsuit worn by all the EPICS

Troy Rigdon, bass

Steve Sanders, lead guitar

Art Mengel on conga drums

Bob McDonald , lead singer, with wife Nora

Eddie Mann, original singer, and his wife

Jan Paran, sax, and his wife Sonja

Dennis Justice, lead guitar and friend

George Schneider, original singer with Mary Hardin, widow of Butch Hardin, original singer

Bill & Brenda Woods "Louisville's Own"

Dave Beck, drummer, with wife Susan

sister Charlene and widow Sandy of Bill Major, lead guitar

Russ Rakestraw, equipment Mgr. With wife, Vivian

Jane Moss, singer, with husband Bill Calvert, and Art Mengel, drummer

Bob Sehlinger, drummer, and wife Jaon


Phil Peters, Sax, and wife Rhonda

Art Mengel, drummer and his wife Betsy

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The Epics' "Special 45th Anniversary Edition" CD not only contains the songs that have endeared them to fans for years, but also bonus tracks from their "Live Over The Years" CD. It's a MUST HAVE



The years of support The Epics have received from Southern Indiana, Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky have been incredible. "We Belong Together" is truly our song.







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