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Are the red boxes a little bold for your taste or needs? ...not bold enough? You can make them any color you like by changing cell background colors.

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The Epics

City, State, Zip

Phone: 502 376-1744

email us at



This template allows you to:

Download a prebuilt site to your machine
Add and delete pages with ease
Customize page content to suit your needs
Easily change the colors of the boxes found on the sides of the pages

This template includes:

Optional Swish movie as seen on the home page. Swish 2.01 or higher required for modification of movies in this template.
Two Dreamweaver templates, one for normal pages and one for pages in which second level navigation is needed. See the Products page for an example of second level navigation
All the Fireworks PNG files used to create the graphics in this template
Blank company name, button, page title and box top graphics
JavaScript rollover buttons and text
Easy-to-edit CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) text formatting

You will need:

Dreamweaver 4 or higher to customize this template
A graphics program such as Fireworks, Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, etc. to modify the company name, button, page title and box top graphics
Swish 2.01 or higher for modifying the optional Swish movie


For instructions on using and customizing the template, click here.



The Epics' "Special 45th Anniversary Edition" CD not only contains the songs that have endeared them to fans for years, but also bonus tracks from their "Live Over The Years" CD. It's a MUST HAVE



The years of support The Epics have received from Southern Indiana, Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky have been incredible. "We Belong Together" is truly our song.







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