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On this page we encourage Fans of The Epics to e-mail us and tell your stories about the group and their concert appearances. If you have a digital camera or can scan your photos, include those. We hope to update this every week or so. E-mail us at

Subject: The Epics
From: Brenda & Bill
Date: 8/29/2008 8:30 AM

We were happy to find The Epics' website. This will make it easer to find out where we can see The Epics and dance to the great music we love.

Brenda & Bill






The Epics' "Special 45th Anniversary Edition" CD not only contains the songs that have endeared them to fans for years, but also bonus tracks from their "Live Over The Years" CD. It's a MUST HAVE



The years of support The Epics have received from Southern Indiana, Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky have been incredible. "We Belong Together" is truly our song.







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