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The Epics:

4Formed in 1959
3"Diamonds And Pearls/Jones Girl" 1960
2"We Belong Together/Baltimore" 1963
1"Theme For Janet/Tite Jaws" 1963
1"Knock On Wood/Flea Espanol" 1964


The Epics:

In 1959 Lynn Cline was so impressed with The Sultans, he wanted his own group and The Epics were formed. The members were originally all males coming from Atherton High School. The Epics first record, "Diamonds and Pearls", was recorded on their own label in 1960. In 1962 the Epics added girl singers, one of the first Louisville groups to do so.

The Epics were soon signed by the Joni Ageney, a Louisville booking ageney owned and operated by Gene and Vi Snyder. In 1963 the first release on the newly formed Joni label was The Epics recording of "We Belong Together/Baltimore." Both sides of the record received airplay. "We Belong Together" went to number 2 on WAKY radio and number 1 on WKLO radio. It was only the third Louisville record to reach the number one spot.

The group's follow-up record, "Theme For Janet", went to number 9 on WKLO. The Epics toured regionally and appeared with such national groups as the Beach Boys and the Lettermen and remained together until late 1965.

In 1973 Sacred Heart Academy had a ten year class reunion and with the renewed interest in '60s music they wanted a '60s group to play. Janie Moss and the other girls from The Epics had attended Sacred Heart so it was decided the group would get back together one last time. The Epics were such a success they decided to reunite.

In November 1980 The Epics released their first LP. 2003 saw the release of "The Fabulous Epics Live Over The Years" CD.

In 1983 The Epics appeared on WAVE TV's “Front Row Center” from Jim Porters. View a clip

The Epics 1983

The Epics 1983

Left to right back row: Bill Major, Steve Hartley, Dave Beck Middle Row: Darla Bair, Lynn Cline, Camile Norris Front: Tony Ratterman





The Epics' "Special 45th Anniversary Edition" CD not only contains the songs that have endeared them to fans for years, but also bonus tracks from their "Live Over The Years" CD. It's a MUST HAVE



The years of support The Epics have received from Southern Indiana, Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky have been incredible. "We Belong Together" is truly our song.







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